December 20th, 2010


Nepali flag on my userpic

Some people notice I have a flag on my default userpic. Some people even know that it's a flag of Nepal. Some people are even from Nepal. Sometimes someone asks me about this flag. Here's the answer.

The story of putting a Nepali flag is somewhat strange :) We had a political fight (and even a short but real war) here between Russia and Georgia (not the US state, but an independent country, used to be part of USSR). At that time some people were using Russian or Georgian flag on their userpics to express their view on the subject.

I kinda wanted to stay out of the crowd, plus I like a flag of Nepal (it's the only one which is not rectangle) so I went ahead and put it on my userpic.

Also, my school English teacher (who was also a principal) was in Nepal for a few years, teaching English and Russian to Nepali children. My myself was never there, but I'd love to visit Nepal. Maybe. Some day.