March 23rd, 2011


changelog fun

Sometimes there are interesting and entertaining comments in the commit logs, emails etc. Below comments are taken from CyanogenMod Gerrit (their patch review system) changeset #4088. To be honest, it took me quite some time to find some american-specific generic alcohol drink -- and I am proud that I solved it!

Kir Kolyshkin
English translation: assorted cleanups
(changelog skipped)

Sven Dawitz
woot! adding a german to english cleanup (: i only know about bratwurst and hefeweizen.

looking good though. not to end summarys with a dot is the right style - nice someone looked over the nearly endless strings.xml

Kir Kolyshkin
Oh yeah, here's the story of an English* localization cleanup:

- a Russian (pirozhki and vodka) guy submitted it, then
- a German (bratwurst and hefeweizen) guy reviewed it, then
- an American (hotdog and applejack) guy merged it, while
- no English (fish and chips and ale) guys were involved.
* (I am aware that this is in fact American English strings)