March 26th, 2011


android 2.3 browser find on page dialog bug

Here is a piece of Java code:
private void setMatchesFound(int found) {
    String template = mBrowserActivity.getResources().
        getQuantityString(R.plurals.matches_found, found, found);


and the corresponding XML resource:
    <!-- Displayed on the Find dialog to display the number of matches
         found in the current page. -->
    <plurals name="matches_found">
        <!-- Case of no matches -->
        <item quantity="zero">No matches</item>
        <!-- Case of one match -->
        <item quantity="one">1 match</item>
        <!-- Case of "few" (two) matches -->
        <item quantity="few"><xliff:g id="number" example="2">d</xliff:g> matches</item>
        <!-- Case of several matches -->
        <item quantity="other"><xliff:g id="number" example="137">%d</xliff:g> matches</item>

It works just fine, showing something like "12 matches" in a "Find text on page" dialog. The code was added by this git commit (oh year, with a "very descriptive" log message).

Now, there is a git commit that changes the above Java code, here's the relevant diff:
-                getQuantityString(R.plurals.matches_found, found, found);
+                getQuantityString(R.plurals.matches_found, mNumberOfMatches,
+                mWebView.findIndex() + 1, mNumberOfMatches);

As you can see, the aim is to print something like "Match 3 of 5". The problem is that XML code is not changed, so it shows something like "Matches: 3" instead of what it should. Bad and broken UI. Android 2.3.3.

The good thing is it is open source so anyone (incl. me) can fix it. I an not an expert in the field but I'll try.