March 29th, 2011


CyanogenMod 7 RC3 Nexus One major issues

These two issues are show-stoppers for "normal" people wishing to use CyanogenMod on their Nexus Ones, and I hope they will be fixed before CM7 goes final. Both bugs looks to be upstream ones, i.e. they are not born in CyanogenMod team but in Google itself.

(1) #3106: screen fails to refresh or goes black; logs say "/dev/pmem: no more pmem available" -> "OutOfResourcesException locking surface".
This one is an upstream bug, see Android issue #15135. The only known workaround is to reboot, I am testing a solution (modified lib) suggested here.

(2) Call wonkiness. I heard that it's an upstream bug as well (a problem in a driver). Workaround: install the dewonkificator app.

On the good side, a kernel bug which made it lost 45-60 seconds of time every day (aka issue #1222) is now fixed. Kernel is doing a good work accurately keeping time.

Generally, I wish Google Android guys could've paid more attention to quality assurance. Yes, I know, nobody is perfect, and QA is rocket science (indeed it is, and a gap between good and very good is huge), but still I see a room for improvement here. I am very happy with their pace of innovation, but the tendency to trade quality for speed can ruin the whole effort easily.

For other (not so major) bugs I faced recently, see my blog post about a bug in browser find dialog and my patch fixing a bad glitch with keyboard layout. These two are not critical, although the first one is misleading and the second one can be very annoying, and they both are examples of bad UI QA.

Wake up, Android, if you want to keep eating apples for breakfast!