October 1st, 2011


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Here is the example of how not to build packages. All I need is 'convert' utility from ImageMagick, and this is a server system. Now let's try...

 Package                       Arch              Version                      Repository          Size
 ImageMagick                   i686                    base               1.7 M
Installing for dependencies:
 ConsoleKit                    i686              0.4.1-3.el6                  base                80 k
 ConsoleKit-libs               i686              0.4.1-3.el6                  base                17 k
 GConf2                        i686              2.28.0-6.el6                 base               961 k
 ORBit2                        i686              2.14.17-3.1.el6              base               162 k
 atk                           i686              1.28.0-2.el6                 base               190 k
 dbus                          i686              1:1.2.24-4.el6_0             updates            211 k
 dbus-glib                     i686              0.86-5.el6                   base               170 k
 eggdbus                       i686              0.6-3.el6                    base                91 k
 gtk2                          i686              2.18.9-4.el6                 base               3.2 M
 hicolor-icon-theme            noarch            0.11-1.1.el6                 base                40 k
 libIDL                        i686              0.8.13-2.1.el6               base                81 k
 libXcomposite                 i686              0.4.1-2.el6                  base                17 k
 libXcursor                    i686              1.1.10-2.el6                 base                32 k
 libXdamage                    i686              1.1.2-1.el6                  base                16 k
 libXfixes                     i686              4.0.4-1.el6                  base                19 k
 libXft                        i686              2.1.13-4.1.el6               base                48 k
 libXi                         i686              1.3-3.el6                    base                32 k
 libXinerama                   i686              1.1-1.el6                    base                15 k
 libXrandr                     i686              1.3.0-4.el6                  base                29 k
 libcroco                      i686              0.6.2-5.el6                  base                99 k
 libgomp                       i686              4.4.4-13.el6                 base               110 k
 libgsf                        i686              1.14.15-5.el6                base               119 k
 librsvg2                      i686              2.26.0-5.el6                 base               138 k
 libthai                       i686              0.1.12-3.el6                 base               183 k
 libtool-ltdl                  i686              2.2.6-15.5.el6               base                45 k
 libwmf-lite                   i686                   base                52 k
 pango                         i686              1.28.1-3.el6_0.5             updates            350 k
 polkit                        i686              0.96-2.el6_0.1               updates            157 k
 sgml-common                   noarch            0.6.3-32.el6                 base                43 k

Transaction Summary
Install      30 Package(s)
Upgrade       0 Package(s)

Oh shit.