March 20th, 2019


Oil/filter replacement on FJR1300

Since I got 46000 miles on my FJR1300 odometer, it's time to replace oil and filter (previous replacement was at 42K miles). Now, ordinary oil replacement is not something to write home about, but this time I feel a need to share, read on to know why.

I used the same oil as last time — Shell Rotella T5 15w-40, which is a synthetic blend. As for the filter, I happen to have a new Purolator One PL14610 in my garage which I bought for my Nissan Frontier, and I have used it for the FJR, since according to this old and trusted website is should be compatible, and I like the brand in general.

Well, it looks like it's not. Take a look at this picture:

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