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Google Chrome and Firefox Flash audio/sound on Linux x86_64 bug workaround
I have recently switched from Mozilla Firefox 5 to Google Chrome 14 (beta). Same Flash bug as in Firefox -- Flash audio is somewhat crippled (see the link for more details).

OK, enough of that, I am sick and tired of that crap. But let's be productive! I went ahead and automated the process of working around that stupid bug.

Now all I need to do is go to http://kir.sacred.ru/flash-fix/ and follow the instructions. And this is one-time-only, now I don't need to repeat it after updating Firefox (or Google Chrome).

Hint: you can do that, too, if you are affected.

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Adobe Flash from rfremix seems to work fine for me. May be they also fixed this.

It's probably version 11, not 10.

Yes, it is. Since flash 11 was available for x86_64 it's okay.

In gentoo they edit libflashplayer.so with this. But Linus's workaround looks cleaner.

In exherbo glibc >2.12 is still masked and can't be installed yet.

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